© 2018 by Imogen Wison

Imogen Wilson is a freelance creative consultant based in New Zealand. She currently works across photography, styling and casting direction for a growing list of local and international streetwear, skate and fashion brands, publications, musicians and events. Her work is renowned for it's eclectic, laid-back and energetic style with a consistently candid approach. Energy and personality is a fundamental aspect of her work.


Placing a high value on diversity and non-traditional casting, Imogen has successfully created a refreshing, highly influential and sort-after community of talent in New Zealand. Imogen strives to cast the most interesting faces in the country for her clients, via The Others Agency (where she is the director), other local agencies and through street casting.






♥ Ilegal Civlization

♥ DC

♥ Lazy Oaf

♥ Vans

♥ Skechers

♥ Puma

♥ Cotton On


♥ Lonely 

♥ Karen Walker


♥ Checks Downtown

♥ Pelvis

♥ Jimmy D

♥ Underground Sundae

♥ Eugenie

♥ Huffer

♥ Good as Gold

♥ Local Girl Gang

♥ Georgia Alice

♥ Pageant Studio

♥ Miss Crabb

♥ Super Mizu Store

♥ Holiday by Emma Mulholland

♥ Kate Sylvester

♥ Poppy Lissiman

♥ Double Rainbouu

♥ Band of Boys

♥ Aare swim

♥ i-D 

♥ Vice

♥ NYLON Japan

♥ Cool Pretty Cool

♥ Oyster Magazine

♥ Sniffers


♥ Black Magazine

♥ Acclaim & COMPLEX

♥ Red Bull

♥ Apple Music

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